Michael Buron

HEALTH CHEK Expert and Practitioner

Michael is the creator of the Individuality Plan which includes a 3-step program designed by combining Eastern medicines with Functional Medicine and Individualized Nutrition. Michael delivers a unique, laser-precise, cutting-edge clinical practice that is Holistic by all definitions. Offering 3 comprehensive plans that will help you get to the root cause of your health issues and physical limitations, Michaels expertise in the field of Functional medicine is vital in pioneering a change in todays society.

** Michael is our Key Note speaker and will offer a free Eat, Move and be Healthy Seminar at 9:30 / 11:30 am.

Marie Maglio

Chef and Founder of Proper Palate

Chef Marie Maglio is the creator of the Intunement Movement ©™ and personal chef to families in and around New Jersey looking for organic meal prep options and catering options. Proper Palate CREATES an eye-opening experience with food and your body. Marie TRANSFORMS the way you look at food and wellness and INSPIRES you to reach ultimate health through a holistic lifestyle. Offering a truly Organic and Gluten-free selection of ready-made organic meals for the busy lifestyle or for those who don’t have the time or skill for cooking. Other services include Cooking Lessons, Catering, and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. All food is hand selected from sustainable farms and ethical purveyors. Meals are delivered to your home, office and can NOW can be picked up at Renaissance The Studio, Proper Palate’s first official “pick up” location in New Jersey.