Our Story

Renaissance is like a crusade- it’s like a movement from the commitment of truly powerful women who high five each other, toast to martinis and go to bed every night feeling great doing what they love and love doing it! We want you to live the life fulfilled- the way we see it. With a big heart and a vision to continuously see the next opportunity with a fit core and weightless, clear mind.

Danielle Buccellato launched Renaissance Pilates in 2003 and has been a fitness trail blazer since- launching and integrating the most diverse programs and attracting the most sought-after instructors in NJ. Elizabeth met Danielle early on and became her marketing consultant and business confidant. Elizabeth saw the dynamic, passionate vibe that Danielle created and Danielle appreciated the light-hearted yet lioness aura that EB brought to business. Together, they’ve worked side by side in unison for years. In 2014, Danielle branched out and opened her 2nd location in Red Bank with an exquisite vibe, lush feel and incredible staff. And like a star exploding 2017- universal forces came together with positivity  and Elizabeth became Co-Owner and Managing Director of the Hoboken location, pushing boundaries and developing new programming.

The spark is lit and the fire is burning. We invite you inside our doors in Hoboken and Red Bank, 7 days a week, early mornings, weekends and evenings- for privates and duets! You can even rent our space- imagine your next adventure and be your best self within our home.

If you’re a fan of Pilates, fitness or living the life fulfilled, follow us because we have devoted our ever-evolving mindset to enhancing your wellness and fitness journey. And while many clients choose studios for their programs or locations, there’s a vast handful who see the impact that we’re making together and know they’re in great hands with us- they travel far and wide to reserve a place in our classes.

At Renaissance, we place the client first and we thrive to make each and every experience better, different and more unique than the one before. Wait until you see what we’re planning next! See you on the mat, on the reformer, or at the barre or the other bar for a martini. Either way- let’s make it happen!

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